Remote Access System (Remote Desktop)

Working from a Windows device?

Windows does not need any additional app, please download the connector file below. Save this file to a useful location (Documents, Desktop etc) as you can re-use this file each time you connect. There is no need to re-download each time. Simply launch the file and login with your School network login (e.g. caldwellj)

Working from Another device?

If you are working on a non Windows Desktop Device, you need to download an app from the list below to connect. Once you have the app, use the connector file to initiate a connection. You may be shown some security notifications, these are safe to accept.

For Mac, iOS and Android you will need to download the RDP App from the respective store to use the schools remote desktop system. Please see the User Guide at the bottom of this page for more info.

Accessing via a web-browser

You can also access the school remote desktop system via a modern Web-broswer (Google Chrome, Firefox), however we advise you use on of the above options for better perfomace. For access via a browser, Click the link below:

Login via a browser

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